Alex Raichev


Some things, big and small, i've worked on and documented. Click on the images to dive in.

  • Lamps. The search for enlightenment.

  • The Shropshire Songs. Poems from A Shropshire Lad set to ukulele music.

  • Knife Holders. Magnetic knife holders that stick to my refrigerator.

  • Bicycle Basket. The corriboard basket i like to make for my bikes.

  • Story Time with Uncle Jaroboam. A dreamy zine series.

  • Happiness Beyond Thought. A course on withering the personal self.

  • Merriweather. A local money lending business.

  • Paper Dragon. A Mount Eden Unpop™ band.

  • Markov, A Game of Poems. Writing poems with found texts and Markov processes.

  • MRCagney Works. A portfolio of projects by the MRCagney Data Science Team.

  • Vegehead. A fast-food, grain-free, vegetarian cookbook.

  • Affordability in New Zealand. A map of affordability in various regions of New Zealand.

  • Contours. A mathematical coloring book.

  • rHEALPixDGGS. A discrete global grid system (DGGS) based on NASA's HEALPix projection.

  • Tumeke Cycle Space. Auckland's first community bicycle workshop.

  • Asymptotics of Multivariate Generating Functions. A Sage module.

  • Neutral Milk Hotel Songs. Lyrics and guitar chords for most songs by Neutral Milk Hotel.

  • Publications. My publications, most of which are mathematics articles.