Tangleball is Dead

President's Report, 2018-06-26

Tangleball is dead, smothered in a hooded blanket of colourless sawdust, a virulent algae that sucks the breathable atmosphere from what was meant to be a diverse and healthy ecosystem. Perhaps that is merely the most obvious sympton to blame for the failure of a group of predominantly like-minded and coincidentally demographically identitical individuals to argue their way to a vision outside of their own individualistic needs. Questions and fundamental management, basic rights, commercialisation, use of electronic discussion were argued passionately and at length, yet always were fought by dominant voices representing various sides, set in the mindset of crafting the space in a manner of how it can best suit what they physically want to do. Eventually, the wrong arguments won out over the wrong arguments.

Tangleball is dead, and perhaps like the majestic phoenix, the idea of something better rising from the ashes is an absurd fiction. However, the people who remain present and involved in the space seem willing to clean up the chaotic mess and remove the largest obstacles, before trying to hand over the reigns to people who can create something that is more welcoming, than self-serving. Perhaps this can one day be a space where wide array of different people can feel comfortable in the center of the action and in full control of the direction, and not forced to exhaustingly fight for a small space on the margins just because they do not look and sound the type.

Tangleball is dead, and perhaps something better can be built in its place. Or with the ongoing, looming threat of the rent going up or the building being sold, perhaps it will soon just fade away. In any case, long live something else.

Author: Alexander Raichev
Date: 2018-12-06

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