Guitar and Ukulele Hangers

I've been meaning to get my guitar and ukulele off the ground for months now to tidy and free up floor space. Turns out that making a handsome guitar/uke wall hanger is not difficult. Here's my design, which i arrived at, as always, with the help of my girlfriend.

To make it, get a piece of wood, drill two slightly up-angled holes in it D millimeters apart edge-to-edge, where D is the length of your guitar's nut, press-fit into the holes two old drum sticks, whose diameters match those of the holes and are just long enough to support your guitar, and countersink and attach two keyhole hangers to the back (so you don't see the screws from the front). Finally, mount the hanger on two (probably plasterboard) screws stuck into the wall. Presto!

In my case, i used a block of kauri and sugar-maple drum sticks to match the room mouldings.

Author: Alexander Raichev
Date: 2023-09-24