Welcome to the website of Alexander Raichev. That's me. If you're looking for Александър Райчев, the prominent Bulgarian composer who died in 2003, then you're barking up the wrong tree.

There's a variety of stuff here —recipes, poems, music and more— mostly collected for the benefit of my future self, family, and friends. May you find some of it useful!


You can reach me by email at alexander@raichev.net.

Technical Notes

This site uses JavaScript for a touch of flair, such as dynamically embedding videos on click, and for a touch of count via Goat Counter. None of it is essential, so if you want to disable JavaScript in your browser, go ahead; you won't lose the main content.

This site also offers an Atom web feed, to which you can subscribe via your favorite Atom/RSS reader.

Author: Alexander Raichev
Date: 2024-07-14