Alex Raichev


Some things i've made, most of which involve a combination of mathematics, programming, and visualization.


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An open-source Python package to model radio signal propagation. A project for NZRS. [Image excerpted from the Wikipedia article on dipole antenna.]

Transit Flows

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A visualization of scheduled transit flows in Auckland, New Zealand. A project for MRCagney.

Markov, A Game of Poems

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Writing poems with found texts and Markov processes

Affordability in New Zealand

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A visualization of affordability in various regions of New Zealand


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Python toolkit for analyzing General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data. A project for MRCagney.

GTFS Explorer

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A web application to analyze and visualize transit data in the form of General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) feeds. A project for MRCagney.


A fast-food, grain-free, vegetarian cookbook. [Image excerpted from Carl Warner's Vegehead.]

Graph Dynamics

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Python/Sage code for running graph dynamics experiments. A social networks project for Mark C. Wilson and Patrick Girard at the University of Auckland.


A mathematical coloring book


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A Python 3 package implementing a new discrete global grid system (DGGS) based on NASA's HEALPix projection. Designed to underlie SCENZ-Grid, an open-source geographic analysis system for worldwide scientific collaboration. See the rHEALPix article below for more background. A project for Landcare Research.

Asymptotics of Multivariate Generating Functions

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Python/Sage code to compute asymptotics of coefficients of multivariate generating functions. To be incorporated into the Sage codebase; see Sage ticket #10519. Update 2016-02: Finally incorporated into Sage!

Selected Publications

Most of the publications below are journal articles but typeset without the journal house styles and with minor typos corrected.