A Game of Poems

Hello, what is this?
This is a website dedicated to making Markov poems.
What is a Markov poem?
A Markov poem, as i call it, is a poem created by playing the game below, one step of which involves generating text via a Markov process.
Interesting. How do i play?
Follow these steps.
* * *
  1. Pick one to three source texts and paste them into the boxes below.
  2. Mix the source texts to produce a new text with the selected number of words.
  3. Write a poem satisfying Rule M: each word of the poem is (a) a word with the same stem as a word in the mix or (b) a stop word . As an example of part (a), you can use 'required' if 'requiring' is in the mix.
  4. Check whether your poem satisfies Rule M.
* * *
How did it go?
I enjoyed that.
Glad to hear it.
Where did this game come from?
It was inspired by a computer programming exercise i did a few years ago, Think Python Exercise 13.8. Based on that exercise, i tried to make my computer write poetry. After several attempts and feeble results, i realized that it would be much more satisfying all around to make instead a game for humans to write poetry. Thus was born Markov, A Game of Poems. Incidentally, i later learned through reading this American Scientist article that Andrey Markov invented his eponymous process through analyzing poetry, of all things.